Cocooned and cradled


I have lived in Atlanta for thirty years
I have been in my home now for fifteen of them
in my years of sickness
I was safe and secure
I moved here as a teenager holding my mothers hand
now I’ll spread my wings and live in a high-rise apartment with a skyline view
not even the furniture will be familiar
I do believe we make our road by walking
I also believe that everything that is laid before us
can be used as a lesson
fodder for us to become our higher selves
our struggles become our story
a big part of life happened here
most streets have memories for me
parties and places I’ve lived
football games
and funerals for friends
it’s all part of my history
I’ve never considered it home though
I’ve been here too long
I was cocooned in love here during my years of illness
I was cradled by family and friends and my husband who I adore
now that husband and I get a new adventure
a new road to walk
a new way to be in the world
I have spent the last year noticing everything
I have documented a lot of it
now I’m going to go live
I’m going to wander in the Windy City
I’m going to be present wherever that leads me
I’m going to be grateful for every step
for every breath
because everything is a gift


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