Uncertainty is most certainly certain


It was 2 o’clock on a Tuesday
I came home from a lunch date with a girlfriend and Michael was home
Uncertainty, is defined by doubt
hesitancy and
It’s also felt in the nervous system
Dry mouth
Sweaty palms
Rapid heartbeat
He’s been pulled from his only customer after 31 years at the company
Today I feel the walls coming down
The ones I’ve built in my mind and around my heart
The walls that I’ve lived behind for the past eight years
Vulnerability is back
Maybe she never really left
I recognize the feeling of change coming
Highs and lows
Ebb and tide
Feet feel a little heavier
Up and down
In and out
Just like our breath
I know that we will embrace the change
I know that we will stay connected
We hold hands everyday
He may travel to different customers
He may not
Too soon to say
Either way our life will be different
Daily routines will be altered
We know not to wrap our self-worth into a job
A skill
A body size
Or a dream
It’s just too uncertain to do that
We hold on to each other
We reach out to friends and family
We live in the present moment
We stay grateful for everything
We celebrate everyday because no one
No one
Knows what’s coming
Even on a Tuesday at 2 o’clock

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