Green soup and Bebel Gilberto

Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.”
— Steve Maraboli

I have a great green soup recipe, really great.
I make it every time someone is sick, having surgery, a baby, you get the idea.
It’s simple and delicious every time.
Today I’m making it for me.
I’m not sick, just sad.
A little overwhelmed for some people in my life that are really struggling.
I have a friend who was diagnosed eight and half years ago with liver cancer.
He was given six months, tops, to live.
I saw him yesterday at he and his wife’s baby shower.
A miracle son is on his way in August.
I assumed that remission was the case.
I assumed wrong.
He’s fighting harder than ever.
After his eighth surgery in December, cancer was back in January.
This time, everywhere.
It’s metastasized and there is nothing left to do.
His beauty and bravery were almost more than I could bear.
I have another friend, who is a neighbor.
She lost her husband two years ago to ALS.
She woke up from her biopsy with a port already in place.
She has cancer in her lungs, colon and bladder.
None of it an option for surgery. I just hung my head.
Another girlfriends teenage daughter lost her uterus this week and the ability to ever carry her own child.
Another girlfriend drove her daughter back up north where she’s been living. The daughter has been in rehab and flying back without her will take every ounce of everything she has.
The worry like that, you wear like a cement suit.
So, I chop vegetables and play soft music from Brazil.
I cry even without the onions fumes.
I take a deep breath and remember that easy is promised to no one.
I put a spoonful cashew ice cream in my coffee, instead of non dairy creamer.
Because, every moment can be made happy, or tender, or meaningful.
Celebrate each little thing
Sometimes it’s all you can do
Struggling is soul work
Searching for meaning is a matter of choice
Stories we tell ourselves can be soul food
So, if you’re out this week and want dessert before dinner
Eat it
If there is someone who needs a note from you
Write it
If you see someone that looks good
Say it
Not one of us knows what the future holds
All we have is the moment we’re in and if we’re lucky, each other
I’m humbled by this week
I’m heartbroken too
I just hurt
But, I also hope
And that, will have to be enough

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