Flying the friendly skies

This week I traveled with my husband. When we got on the plane, we ordered drinks. The stewardess handed them over and with a backward glance said, “enjoy your party “
Completely bitchy
Definitely got me thinking during the flight
How do we respond when were annoyed?
When we are not where we want to be 
or when we think somebody’s having a better time than we are
How do we handle someone else’s happiness?
When all you see on Facebook are friends going to concerts and parties that you aren’t attending
What about when finances are beyond tight?
Friends buying homes
getting a golden ticket
wearing the glass slipper
How do you handle not being jealous?
How do you deal with despair
when everything for everyone else seems like an Instagram post
How do you stop the writhing inside?
How do you sit in the presence of “being in the moment”?
Do you understand your thoughts are just thoughts?
you don’t have to make them mean anything
nor do you have to follow them and feed them
how do you just sit in the space of joy
when it’s somebody else’s joy?
Someone else’s life
How do you bless?
Behave when it’s not your turn
When you feel disappointed, disillusioned
There has to be a belief that it’s possible for things to change
That the pie has infinite slices
A tiny voice that says “ hold on”
A sliver of light in the dark can come from anywhere
Maybe it’s not today but it can and will be your day, your turn
Your life can be fixed
But it comes with grief and surrender and awareness
What goes down must come up
The prayer can be said with clenched teeth and clenched hands
The prayer can be said with open eyes, head back, tears falling
The moment we find gratitude for just being here
Right here
Where we are
In this moment
It all will seem like it’s unfolding as it should
Because it is
It’s all right here

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