Love turns passion into transformative power. —Ilia Delio

We watched the movie, Breathe, last night
It’s the story of Robin Cavendish and his wife, Diana
He contracts polio at the age of 28, while she is very pregnant
What follows is their story of survival and thriving within impossible conditions
They are not as opposite as you think
It is possible to be at your lowest and still really live
Watching this movie, you will be hyper aware of your own breath
How freely it comes and goes
We never even think about it
It just comes in and goes out
Until it doesn’t
I think we are as mindless about this as we are everything else
It’s sustains us, literally
Her love in this movie, keeps him living
Watching their story unfold,  broke me open
It’s what keeps us alive
But, are we thriving?
I used to have a silver ring, it was engraved in French and it said something like
you must really live, not just exist
I wore it for years and passed it along, a long time ago
Maybe it’s worth engraving something new
In gold this time
Just like the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi
Fixing broken pieces of pottery with gold
To make something beautiful out of the broken
They believe it’s a transformational process to focus on the possible
We can all turn something broken into something beautiful
Rumi said,”the wound is the place where the light enters you.”
When you are flat on your back
When you are stuck
When you are on the floor in the fetal position
Don’t just exist
Find a way where there is no way
In and out
In and out
The light will come in and it will be
More beautiful than before

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