Happy birthday Lou

True love can transform you
I believe that
Maybe it didn’t transform you while you were here
But, I believe
It did on the other side
I believe that you are healed and happy
Beautiful and the very essence of love
I miss you, a lot
Four years without you has been hard
Four years ago I got to say happy birthday
You bought a grill with the money we sent
Had hamburgers and sounded happy
June 1st you were gone
Too fast
And yet, I’d been waiting on that call for decades
I dreaded the details
You dying didn’t seem real
And yet, I’d feared it forever
I adored you
Looked up to you
Wanted to be you
I was afraid of you
Worried about you
Hated you
And loved you with my whole soul
My big sister
The only one I’ll ever have
You would have been 57 today and I would have made a joke about how old you are
You would have told me to shut up
We both would have laughed
We laughed so much
So loudly
So often
Even when things were shitty
You made them funny
My sister
My Mendy
My memory is filled with you
So is my heart
Thank you for the gift of song lyrics
You ride with me as I sing out loud in my car
Windows down
I still play name that tune
You’d be proud most of the time
Embarrassed others
Impossible to know what all you taught me
Or that I learned by watching
I will think of you when I smell gardenias, for the rest of my life
I will always be proud to have known you
Happy birthday Lou
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Mendy
Happy birthday to you

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