A student of happiness

I’m reading the book “ Beneath a Scarlet Sky”
In it there is a line that says,” I’m a student of happiness”
When asked how
The reply is, “you start by looking right around you for the blessings you have.
When you find them, be grateful.”
I can’t get this off my mind
Student of happiness
I know I have joy seekers in my life
I’d like to think I’ve dropped into a new level of understanding joy too
I know for so long
Everything was so bad
Happiness just seemed like something I used to have
Then I really thought happiness was a silly version of joy
That the fun and spontaneity of my life had disappeared
So, joy was a mature way, to strive to be
It seemed to incorporate that pain had happened and I’d risen above it
Or accepted it
I certainly wasn’t wrestling with it any longer
But, happiness?
That word hasn’t even been on my radar
Until, that sentence
I am a student of happiness
Makes me curious to what I believe now
Is joy the same as happiness?
Is one immature?
Can any pleasure be frivolous?
Aren’t we looking for and collecting every moment that brings us peace and awareness and ultimately gratitude?
The gratitude list
The moments in the day I am stopped and say, thank you
Because what’s in front of me is a blessing
Every morning five things
I am grateful for the ability to write them down again
I get frustrated that I still have to wear a leg brace to walk
And then I realize, I am walking
Grateful joy
Happiness must live inside of that
Maybe it’s a layer down from where I’ve been excavating
I’m a student of happiness
I will use my life as a classroom
I will use all of you as my teachers
I will sit in the front row
I will take notes and pay attention
I am a student of happiness
It feels like something I could put on a business card
It feels like an answer I could give to the dreaded question of
What are you doing now?
I am a student of happiness
It can be my new moniker
My new mantra
I am a student of happiness
I am a student of happiness
I am a student of happiness

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