A story about grace

I heard this story the other day from Reverend Ed Bacon
a preacher from the north comes into the south and goes into a small diner for breakfast
the waitress comes up and says” morning honey, what can I get you?”
The preacher answers that he’ll “take orange juice and coffee, two eggs over easy, bacon and a piece of dry toast”
When the waitress comes back and delivers his meal and drinks the preacher notices something white in a bowl that he doesn’t recognize and he definitely didn’t order
He asks the waitress what it is and she says “well honey that there’s grits”
He says that he didn’t order them and she replies “no one orders grits they just come”
It’s a story about Grace and how no one orders it
it just comes
It comes when you least suspect it
It comes when you feel least deserving
It comes when you’ve lost hope
It can come in the form of a letter, a book, a phone call or a visit
It comes to those who pray and those who don’t
It comes to people of every faith
It seems to come with no rhyme or reason
If it comes to you, you know it
You feel it
Deep in your bones
Grace feels like nothing else I’ve ever experienced
I’m not sure I could articulate it, even on my best day
All attempts would simply  fall short
But, I do believe it’s real
I do believe it saves us, from us
And I think
Grace can come in just about every form you can imagine
even a bowl of grits

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