This Little Light of Mine

Had lunch with a girlfriend today
She’s been struggling with work
Feeling over stressed and burdened
Lost and unappreciated
But she’s seen a light in a few places
From a few people changing and sharing about it
A sliver of light under the door in her very dark room
It’s just enough to give her hope
Proof that there is another way
Another job
The little crack of light kept her going
One more day

So what’s yours?
What can you share that is a positive?
We all celebrate anniversaries
But what in your everyday is going okay?
Did your baby sleep through the night?
Dog not pee in the house?
Husband not snore?
Did some nice stranger hold the door for you?
How about a day where you ate better?
Felt better than usual
Share that
Your light is going under someone else’s door
They may not tell you
But it is
We are all connected
We are all in this life together
What you say matters
What you do matters
We can all believe different things
Different ways
Who cares
What’s important is your light
Don’t hide it
Diminish it
Deny it
Share it
Someone is waiting
Now, sing along with me…
“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”
And, now you’re smiling
Shine on my friends
Shine on

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