New York, New York

Butterflies of anticipation are starting to feel more like bats in my belly
they are sucking the ability to be aware and present in this moment
this day
because I just keep thinking about seeing New York City again
for the first time in nine years
in three days
it’s a city I’ve loved since the first time I saw it at the ripe old age of 23
it’s a place I can feel the vibe
ride the energy
inhale and exhale the living breath of that magnificent place
with millions teeming
it’s a place that pulsates
promises so much to so many
my first date with my husband was there
Champagne at the Plaza Hotel
Italian dinner after
kisses on the sidewalk late into the night
drizzling rain didn’t diminish the moment at all
it heightens it
buzz through my mind
drawing me
calling me
the pull is strong
the impatience is growing
the yearning is stretching itself
after a long time dormant
the kingdom of this present moment holds my life
New York City holds my heart

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