Blessings from Bangladesh

My husband and I went out this week and decided to take Uber
We immediately started to visit with our driver
He came to America in the 70s but his accent hasn’t diminished a bit
He had a wonderfully lyrical lilt to his voice and when he saw the brace I wear on my right foot he questioned if I was OK
My immediate response was to say, “ I’m fine “
but five minutes later into the car ride he asked again
So I gave him the quick highlight reel
He explained that God was going to heal me completely and that I would do great things
that God is not a magician but has divine timing in his hand and everything for me, will be perfect
He emphatically reminded me to never forget God,
Several times
He was excited and energized and his smile was infectious as were his words
I want to believe to my bones they are true
So next time you head out, leave your phone in your pocket or your purse
You’ll never know what blessings could be awaiting you and delivered in an accent that will stay with you for days

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