From Hope to Knowing

I wrote this several weeks ago on a note
I don’t remember what prompted it
But, I like it
Every time I read it, I like it more
From hope to knowing
It’s a determined step
I’ve been searching for what is underneath hope
Thinking it has to be something tangible
Even joined an online book discussion group around the Paul Tillich book-
The Courage to Be
Still not it
So, the search continues
I’m okay with that
It seems of value to me
From the floor, all you can do is hope
From the bottom it’s hard to see the top
Or anything really
But, when the mist parts
The fog lifts
You feel a little joy again
Hope doesn’t feel solid anymore
It no longer holds
But, something did
And still does
And that is the question
What is that ground?
Is it God?
Is it life?
Maybe it’s the meaning behind all of it
Maybe that’s
the knowing
That it all means something
That it all matters
Maybe its the entire hairball of all of it,  holding it together
Impossible to untangle
Impossible to see each and every strand as independent
Now this I know…

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