Welcome in…

I recently had the chance to ask a man I respect, “what do I do now?”

I asked him because there was a time in his life, when he too, was in a liminal space. That space when something is over and something new hasn’t happened yet. That is where I have been.

My old life and career are in the rear view mirror and the road ahead is open with no clear direction or map. The long illness I battled is finished and I am free to have a part two to my life.

It’s an extraordinary gift.

So, this man suggested I take a year and just notice.
Notice everyone.
Notice the moments that would be easily missed, if I wasn’t present.
The being present to the moment.

This is work that sounds way easier than it is.
This is the challenge I picked up that day, out of our talk.

Be where you are.
Be available to what is barely seen or heard.
Pay attention.
Take pictures.
Carry a journal and write it all down.
Leave my phone at home.

A year of noticing.

I hope I see it all.



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